The Source
ur esrogim are grown in central Israel under constant supervision, and then handpicked for Succot. Choose a beautiful esrog with or without a pittam, according to the level of hiddur (quality) you desire. You may also order your esrog from our selection of “Esrogim Begidul Chazon Ish” (as per the halachic authority, the Chazon Ish).
e ensure that our top-grade Lulavim are freshly delivered to you, directly from trees harvested in the Middle East.
ll of our Hadassim are grown in Safed (Tzfat) and Nov. They are all Meshulash (three leaved), and vacuum packed to ensure their freshness for Succot.
e supply fresh Aravos upon request. The Arava is a delicate branch. To maintain their fresh quality for delivery, we harvest our Aravos from local groves, as close to Succot as possible.

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