The Process
rom the beginning of their growth on the tree, great measures are taken to ensure that the esrog is not damaged in a way that will render it unfit for use on the Succot holiday. Constant supervision throughout the year is needed to procure the “Mehudar” (beautified) esrog that everyone is in search of.

fter being picked they are shipped to the warehouse, where they go through a cleaning process and then are carefully inspected to confirm that they meet our high standards of quality. The Ministry of Agriculture checks each esrog to ensure that they do not have any diseases.

ollowing the Ministry of Agriculture’s stamp of approval, the esrogim are packed, based on categories of hiddur (quality) and shipped to their respective destinations throughout the world.

pon arrival at their new destination the etrogim are released from customs and sent to our warehouses abroad where they are kept in special climate-controlled rooms until their distribution.

fter its long and perilous journey, the Esrog finally reaches its final resting spot ... your home!!!

t the Esrog Outlet, we work tirelessly to ensure that the final product will reach your hands complete and beautiful.

he Esrog Outlet wishes you a happy and healthy Succot!!!
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