The Lulav (Palm Frond)

he single most important leaf in the Lulav is called the ‘Teyomes’. It is the central leaf, that is made up of two leaves (hence the name ‘Teyomes’, which in Hebrew means “twins”).

1.If most of the “spine-leaf” (Teyomes) is split through its length, it is disqualified.
2.If the top of the Teyomes is cut off, it is disqualified.
3.The Lulav is likened to the erect spine of a person, hence, if it is overly bent, it is unfit for use.
4.The spine should have a span of 12.6 - 16 inches long.
5.The Lulav should be fresh and green. It should not be dry to the point of being all white.
6.If most of the top is broken (even if the middle leaf is not), it is invalid.
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