The Esrog (Citron)
1.One must purchase an Esrog with a hechsher (certification) that it is neither grafted nor prohibited to be eaten.
2.The size of an Esrog is of utmost importance. The minimum required size is the size of an egg. That translates into approximately 2.2 - 3 fluid ounces.
3.The Esrog purchased must be complete. If even a small piece is missing, the Esrog is rendered unfit for use on the first day of the Succot holiday. If the “pittam” (tip) breaks off, one should ask a Rabbinic authority.
4.The color of an Esrog also plays a key role. Some color changes can render the Esrog unfit for use, depending on the specific color and placement on the Esrog. One must have a well-trained eye to differenciate between the colors, as well as be well versed in the intricate laws regarding the subject.
5.The Esrog should be shaped like a tower, straight on the top and recessed on the bottom.
6.The Esrog should have a rough, bumpy surface, as opposed to a smooth surface. In most cases, the last two requirements will not disqualify the use of the Esrog on Succos.
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