Aravos (Willow Branches)
he most delicate of the Four Species, the Arava, needs to be well handled so it may maintain its freshness throughout the Succot season.

1.One should use fresh Aravos. If the majority of the Arava is dry to the point where no greeness is left, it cannot be used.
2.The length of the Arava is between 9.5 - 12 inches.
3.If the top is cut off, it is invalid.
4.Most of its leaves should be intact.
5.It is preferable to have an Arava with a red stem and a young leaf called the “Lavluv” growing on top. Unlike the rest of the requirements, these last two points (red stem and Lavluv) do not disqualify the Arava for use on Succot.
6.One should have 2 Aravos in one’s Lulav.
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